About Us

Welcome to the world-wide information overload. The Internet is a great place to find and research information, read up-to-date news, make purchases, do online banking, socialize, and even find a partner suitable for dating and marriage! Regarding the latter, due diligence in knowing the person’s background is extremely important! Be sure to vet your dates so you know who you’re going out with and always let trusted family and friends know where you are and check-in with them (or establish emergency protocols)!

The point is, the Internet is both a blessing and a curse because now we have so much information just by going to search engines, like Google, to find answers. With “push” technology evolving, information is being delivered to our overly smart phones and ready for our digest before our alarm clocks sound in the morning.

To make matters more complicated, have you noticed how more and more manufacturers and brands are creating products and services that have similar features and hard to distinguish for the ordinary consumer? Even product models created by the same brand may be so similar that no obvious difference is evident except for the price. This requires more digging and research as though we don’t have enough information to deal with already. How on earth are we supposed to take time to discern what specific¬†product or service, with all its glorious variants, are truly what we need and at a reasonable price within our budget? Search engines like Google are great, but with so many results, it is time-consuming to visit page after page to find reviews, features, prices, that may be outdated or unreliable.

Small Appliance Authority was created to be exactly that, a non-governmental “Authority”. The purpose is to filter through the Internet noise, useless data, and give you what you need: truly accurate information about small appliances that help you make your decision. No longer do you have to plough through page after page, read through terrible grammar and spelling mistakes, not to mention old our incorrect information about a small appliance you’re interested in.

We hope you will find the layout simple and the overall website quick and easy to use. Shopping for your small appliance should be with ease, not a headache.